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USC CORONA Challenges

2: Core plank set by Ste Brodie

Challenge: 10 rounds of 10 situps then 30 second plank. After the ten rounds, plank for maximum time. Score is your final maximum plank time.

Movement: butterfly situps, touch in front of feet and behind head at full extension. Plank is as straight as possible hips slightly higher, on elbows.

Ste Brodie 2:14mins
Pete 1:26mins
Iain 1:06mins

Carmen 1:41mins
Nat 1:40mins
Laura 1:34mins
Dawn Brodie 1:15mins

1: Burpee Challenge set by Ste Brodie

Challenge: 250 burpees for time. Time Cap 30 mins

Movement: Chest to floor, stand up, hips open, jump and touch hands above head=1 rep

Ste Brodie 20:54 mins
Iain Dean: 22:21mins

Carmen 24:09mins
Dawn Brodie 29:55mins